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Nexans Data Center Solutions
Copper Cable  
LANmark-1000 Plenum Rated Enhanced Category 6 UTP  
LANmark-1000 Riser Rated Enhanced Category 6 UTP  
LANmark-6 Plenum Rated Category 6 UTP  
LANmark-6 Riser Rated Category 6 UTP  
Pre-Terminated Copper Bundles  
Copper Connectivity  
Coloured Shutters for Snap-In Structural Hardware  
LANmark-6 10G Snap-In Connector  
LANmark-6 Snap-In Connector  
LANmark-6A Snap-In Connector  
Modular Patch Panels for Snap-In Connectors  
Copper Patch Cords  
Category-6 U/UTP Patch Cord RJ45 CM  
Pre-Terminated Copper Bundles  
Slimflex-6 U/UTP Patch Cord RJ45  
2U ENSPACE Pre-loaded Panel  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE Splice Modules  
LANmark-OF Plug&Play MTP Adaptor Plates  
LANmark-OF Snap-In Adaptor  
Port Replication Panels  
LANmark-OF Sliding Patch Panels  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE Patch Panels  
LANmark-OF Plug&Play Patch Panels  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE LC Adaptor Modules  
LANmark-OF ENSPACE MTP Adaptor Modules  
LANmark-OF Female Plug&Play MTP-LC Module  
LANmark-OF Plug&Play Adapter Plates  
Fiber Connectivity and Accessories  
Breakout Kits  
Cleaning Tools  
Field Installable Mechanical Connectors  
Field Installable Splice-On LC Connectors  
Field Installable Splice-On MPO Connectors  
LANmark-OF Fibre Accessories  
Patch Guides, Blank Panels & Cable Management  
LANmark-OF MTP PRO Tools and Accessories  
1 x 4 Aggregation Harnesses  
12 Fiber Harnesses  
Patch Cords  
ENSPACE Patch Cord Duplex LC Uniboot  
MTP® Pro Patch Cords  
Patch Cord, LC Duplex - LC Duplex  
Patch Cord, SC Duplex - LC Duplex  
Patch Cord, SC Duplex - SC Duplex  
Maxistrip Pigtails - Set of 12 Colors  
Ribbon Pigtail  
ENSPACE MPO(M)-MPO(M) Trunks,Type B  
Fiber cables  
Adventum Indoor/Outdoor Riser Cable  
Adventum Indoor/Outdoor with Armor-Tek - Riser Rated  
Adventum Plenum Rated Indoor/Outdoor Optical Cable  
Datacenter Plenum Indoor (8B)  
Indoor Riser Ribbon Cable  
Indoor/Outdoor LSZH Riser Adventum® w/ Armor-Tek™  
Indoor/Outdoor Plenum Premises Distribution Cable  
Outside Plant Dry Loose Tube Cable  
Outside Plant Single Armor Double Jacket Cable  
120 System (4.75 inch)  
240 System(9.45 Inch)  
Supporting Kits  
Transition adapters  
Waterfall & Accessories  
Ethernet QSFP+ 40G LR4L Pluggable Transceivers  
Ethernet QSFP+ 40G PSM4 Transceivers  
Ethernet QSFP+ Optical 40G Long-Wavelength Transceivers  
Ethernet QSFP28 100G CWDM4 Pluggable Transceivers  
Ethernet SFP+ 10G LR Pluggable Transceivers  
Ethernet SFP+ 10G SR Pluggable Transceivers  
QSFP+ 40GBE Active Optical Cables  
QSFP+ 40GBE Passive Direct Attach Cable  
QSFP28 100G Active Optical Cables  
SFP+ 10GBE Passive Direct Attach Cable  
SFP28 25G Passive Direct Attach Cable  
Installation Instructions  

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Legal Notice and data privacy  
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